Red Dot in Safety Vehicles


Red Dot is the leading manufacturer of heating and air conditioning systems and components, including supplemental air filtration, aftermarket unit kits, condensers and all-makes replacement parts for fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency service vehicles.

Red Dot has seen and done all that the mobile HVAC market has to offer. We understand high-performance A/C is an important health and safety feature, allowing a rescue truck to function as a recovery station where personnel can go to cool down.
Our diverse product and service portfolio, coupled with our expertise in thermal management, helps equipment owners and technicians operate and maintain heavy-duty mobile HVAC systems. This includes Red Dot technology like ProTecht, which monitors refrigerant pressures and protects the compressor and other components.

Thanks to a commitment to open, transparent partnerships, customers can pick up the phone and chat with our engineers and operations personnel to pinpoint the best solutions to their crash, fire and rescue vehicle needs.

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