Austin Parts and Service, formally known as Austin Ignition has been in business since 1925. Bob Austin, founder of the company was a great man who cared for the community and his employees. When he passed away he gave his company to his employees. In April of 2000, an ambitious entrepreneur purchased the company named Joe Hickin. He previously started his own trucking company and thought a parts company would work hand in hand. All was going well then the company suffered a devastating building fire in 2006. They lost almost everything, but Joe wasn't going to give up. He literally rebuilt the company from the ground up. With the help of his family and a couple of employees Austin is thriving in a tough economy. In 2015, they built a new building, and are growing every day trying to expand their inventory and services. If you are a customer that's been doing business with Austin for years or someone that just found Austin; the people here would like to thank you for your business.